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2018-02-18, 23:03
Ремонт новой квартиры в новостройке от 60 тыс. 2 х комнатная квартира г мытищи также они дают необходимые советы, как сохранить потолки их в первозданном виде как можно дольше. жк отрадное ход строительства
2018-01-17, 07:08
Продаётся 2-комнатная квартира площадью 64 м² в панельном доме на 15 этаже, евро-ремонт, кухня 10 м² лоджия жк афродита жк афродита корпус 2 афродита жк. Продам просторную однокомнатную квартиру на 15/25к дома в г
2017-02-10, 19:05
awesome stay.
Rafel cucul
2014-08-03, 17:28
Birdseye View Lodge is the best place I ever stayed
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2014-05-23, 02:42
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2014-01-09, 21:59
Birds Eye View is my favorite place! It is dreamy there!! So many birds, and gracious people and accommodations to make a perfect vacation!
2013-01-23, 13:12
You've really captured all the esseinatls in this subject area, haven't you?
2013-01-22, 05:31
Surprising to think of sometihng like that
K.Skeries Canada
2012-11-12, 18:38
"..Awesome food! This is like Paradise!"
C&R. Scottswigart Canada
2012-11-12, 18:38
"..Wonderful place! - We felt so at home.
The food was terrific & the guiding exceptional"
T. Moreland & K. Power, Canada
2012-11-12, 18:36
"A very beautiful and peaceful place..."
EJ & Janet Finsilver
2012-11-12, 18:36
"Spectacular food! Wonderful birds! Thank you"
S. Harkens, USA
2012-11-12, 18:35
"Wonderful! We loved every bit of it. The people, the food and of course the birds! Terrific!"
W. Beam & M. Hicklin, USA
2012-11-12, 18:35
"Enjoying the flora, fauna and solitude"
W. & B. Sears, USA
2012-11-12, 18:34
"Lovely spot, great birds & delicious food.
S.Luftman, USA
2012-11-12, 18:34
"Great food! Great Place! Lenny was awesome"
K. Baker, USA
2012-11-12, 18:34
"The food was awesome; I had a great time here"
L. Felix & G. Wright, USA
2012-11-12, 18:33
"Always enjoy visiting my Belize 'family' in
Crooked Tree..."
C. Wilson, USA
2012-11-12, 18:33
"Great trip - just loved it here! Food + Hospitality was better than great. Hoping to return to this beautiful country"
R. Makurere, USA
2012-11-12, 18:33
"A lifetime experience"
J&W Morf, USA
2012-11-12, 18:32
"Great time, great birds, great people!"
E. Schmitz, Canada
2012-11-12, 18:30
"Had a great time! Thank you for everything. The food and friends were awesome!"
S. Nichols, UK
2012-11-12, 18:30
"Lenny & Verna were great!
The food and accommodation brilliant!"
S. Martin, USA
2012-11-12, 18:30
"A trip of a lifetime! Thanks for the fine hospitality..."
J. Wright, USA
2012-11-12, 18:29
"Great, great, great"
T. Elliman, USA
2012-11-12, 18:28
"Thanks for a warm welcome and a beautiful opening to our first experience of Belize!"
D. Dudenhoefer, USA
2012-11-12, 18:28
"Thank you Verna! It was a wonderful experience -
an adventure for a life time"
L. Hamrock, USA
2012-11-12, 18:27
"What a beautiful place you've carved out for yourself! Thanks for a great stay!"
J. & H. Marshall, South Africa
2012-11-12, 18:27
"A wonderful place to stay to start your birding in Belize & great hosts!"
U&D Dettling, USA
2012-11-12, 18:27
"Verna we couldn't thank you enough! We felt so comfortable & well taken care of here at the lodge. The shaded terrace is wonderful, the view great. We saw at least 50 or more different birds. The cashews are delicious! Many thanks"
S. Silberstein, USA
2012-11-12, 18:26
"Wow! Never been to a place where the people
are so friendly, food so good and smells so flavorful. Thank you!"
J&S LaGrove, USA
2012-11-12, 18:26
"Wow! Then again Wow! Will be back!"
S. Thomas, USA
2012-11-12, 18:25
"My favorite place! Can't wait to return..."
S. & R. Scottswigart, Canada
2012-11-12, 18:22
"Wonderful place! - We felt so at home. The food was terrific & the guiding exceptional. Verna's snake/duck story was hilarious. Thank you for a wonderful time"
S.Martin USA
-0001-11-30, 00:00
"..A trip of a lifetime! Thanks for the fine hospitality"