Welcome to Bird's Eye View Lodge & Tours!

The top neotropical birding site in Belize is Crooked Tree and the Bird's Eye View Lodge is the place to stay. Whatever the season there are always exotic neotropical birds about the grounds and the sanctuary and our sharp-eyed, professional, Licensed Guides know how to find them, whether on our Birding-by-Boat Cruises or Guided Bird Walks.


You won’t have to go far from the lodge to find exotic birds, they're all around us. You'll see neotropical birds like these along our shore, just 50 feet from the Lodge:



With over 250 resident or migratory exotic neotropical birds close by, you are bound to add to your personal bird lists and have the opportunity to take many wonderful photos to show your fellow birders and add to your collection. (Not a birder? Well, be careful, you may become one after one of our cruises!)


Make the Bird's Eye View Lodge

Your Personal Base Camp while Touring Northern Belize

Our focus is on birds of course, but we know that most of you who come to Belize also want to see the ancient Mayan Archeological Sites, Baboons (Howler Monkeys) a bit of Belize and perhaps do some snorkeling or cave tubing. Let us make it easy for you. Being centrally located in Northern Belize you'll find it convenient to base here at the Lodge and make day trips to other nearby locations. Tell us what you want to do while you're in Northern Belize and we’ll arrange your tour and transportation, or choose from one of our package tours. Then all you have to do is show up at the airport and we’ll take it from there. Or wait 'til you're here at the Lodge and we'll help you arrange your tour then.

 Right Here at Birds Eye View Lodge we offer you:

  Early morning or afternoon Birding-by-Boat Cruises along the lagoons

  Birdwatching from the Patio, the grounds or the nearby trails
  Horseback Riding around Crooked Tree Village
  Fishing on the Lagoon
  Bicycle Rentals
  Boat and Canoe Rentals
  Crocodile Safaris (Nighttime by boat with searchlights)

  Transportation to and from the Airport or Belize City

Away from the Lodge we can take you to:

  The Lamanai Mayan Site (all day)

  The Altun Ha Mayan Site (half day)

  The Baboon Sanctuary (half day)

 • A visit to Caye Caulker for Birding and/or Snorkeling (full day)

  Cave Tubing at Jaguar Paw (full day)

  The Belize Zoo (half day)

  Old Belize (Historical Recreation) (half day)

  Old Belize and Belize Zoo (full day)

Or check out our Budget Birding & Touring Packages

  We offer five, six, seven and eight day package tours covering the best birding in Northern Belize.

Whatever your needs, we know our birds and we know the region well.
We can help organize your touring and accommodations to make your
stay in Northern Belize both easy and enjoyable.



Bird's Eye View Lodge & Tours

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