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Things To Do In Belize

Belize is paradise, home to an abundant mix of amazing wildlife. They all live within close proximity to each other within a tight network of diverse ecosystems, marine and terrestrial. Belize is a wondrous country of unmatched natural beauty and diversity and in it’s natural history, culture, flora and fauna. With a land area of only 8,867 square miles (22,700 squarekilometers) 8,867 square miles (22,700 square kilometers), Belize’s diverse ecosystems make it a breathing ground for a healthy population of many different variety of creatures.

The Longest Living Barrier Reef In The World

The longest living barrier reef in the world and three of the four atolls in the Western Hemisphere make Belize one of the best vacation destinations for scuba diving, sport fishing and snorkeling enthusiasts.

The Wet Lands and Forests

The terrestrial ecosystems that include the wetlands, rain forests  and grassy savannas are equally impressive and play a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance and natural diversity that has existed in Belize for thousands of years.

The Ancient Maya Temples

Belize has been the Garden of Eden in the Western Hemisphere long before the rise of the Maya Civilization, and the invasion of European explorers and their African slaves and to this day continues to attract nature and adventure lovers from all over the world. With such a magnificent playground to explore you can only imagine the limitless potential of things to do and see in this tiny little jewel of ours by the Caribbean Sea. We invite you to explore the many activities and tour packages we have put together for you on this website and hope that you will find just what you are looking for and maybe more.

The mighty Jaguar, largest cat of Belize and the Americas


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